Gambler banned after attacking security guard

Gambling is an extremely fun pastime, but there are always some who spoil things for others. An incident at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore is an example of such wet blanket. For some reason, a gambler decided to punch a security official.

Caught on camera

Horseshoe Casino BaltimoreThe management of the casino didn’t hesitate and imposed a lifetime ban on the aggressive customer. Another casino visitor recorded the incident on his smartphone. The video shows how the two men seem to be arguing about something. At some point, the gambler loses his temper, attacks the security guard, and punches him in the face.


In August 2014, the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opened its doors to the public and millions of gambling fans have visited the establishment to date. “Unfortunately, there’s always a small group of people that misbehave. We can’t accept such behavior and we have a zero tolerance policy to protect our visitors”, a spokesman stated after the incident at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.
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