Celebrities with a gambling problem: Married with Children

The second part of the Married with Children episode ‘You gotta know when to fold them’ is themed around casino gambling. After Steve left Marcy, Peggy takes her to Las Vegas. The two women are not very successful at gambling and they end up flat broke.

Roulette predictor

Married with Children rouletteAl takes Bud and Kelly to Vegas in attempt to get his television and $5,000 back. In the meantime, Peggy and Marcy try to come up with a plan to earn back the money. Kelly turns out to be a brilliant roulette predictor, while Bud kisses a fat lady after losing a bet.

James Bond in his imagination

With only $8 left, Al decides to break the bank in Las Vegas. The shoe salesman first takes his time to explore the gambling floor. Al then finds a roulette table which he considers as the lucky one. He fantasizes about being James Bond (“Bundy, Al Bundy”) accompanied by several gorgeous ladies. However, Al can’t play as the table requires a minimum bet of $20.

Curious wrestling contest

In the meantime, Kelly manages to pick twenty winning numbers on a row at an American roulette table. But just when Al decides to trust Kelly’s predicting skills, bad luck is on his side. At the end of the episode, Al manages to last three minutes in a wrestling challenge against ‘big bad mamma’. He ends up in a wheelchair, but wins $10,000. Peggy and Marcy use the money to gamble again.
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