Casino dealer robbed his bosses out of $138,000 to get revenge

An ex-casino dealer has been found guilty of multiple charges, including theft and fraud. Jiang Kaiwen felt unfairly treated by his bosses, which made him decide to get revenge. The 24-year-old man defrauded the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino out of $138,000. Kaiwen will be sentenced on October 3, after he was found guilty to several charges.

Victim of injustice

Marina Bay SandsThe defendant started his employment at the Singaporean casino resort in September 2015. Kaiwen dealt the cards at the baccarat, blackjack and sic bo tables. However, he felt that his bosses treated him unjustly in several incidents. Kaiwen claimed he was insulted by two gamblers, but the casino chose the side of the players, after which the croupier decided to get revenge.

Trio of scammers

He stole casino tokens worth $118,000, which he gave to 24-year-old Li Zhifan, who redeemed them for money. 22-year-old Dong Hao was also involved in the embezzlement. Additionally, Kaiwen allowed his two friends to past-post, while he also awarded losing bets. The three scammers shared the money they made at the restrooms of the Singapore-based gambling venue. Authorities arrested the 24-year-old fraudster in early May when he arrived at Changi Aiport.
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