Baccarat robot arrested in Tokyo

Robot dealerTokyo Police have raided a black-market gambling den, which included a robot croupier. The illegal casino was located in the Shinjuku area of the Japanese capital. Police arrested the operator of the gambling den who resides in Kabukichō.

Robot croupier

The underground gambling parlor enabled players to gamble using touchscreen computers. Customers could place bets ranging from 2,000 to 300,000 yen, while the Taiwan-made robot croupier dealt cards. It remains unclear if the gambling den only offered baccarat, or other casino games as well.

Unique selling proposition

Besides the 31-year-old operator of the business, police also arrested 38-year-old Mami Ryu who worked at the illegal gambling den. At the time of the raid, five gamblers were playing baccarat. The black-market gambling venue had been in business for about eight months, while street promoters endorsed the robot croupier.
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