90-ball and 75-ball bingo rules

Bingo’s rules are very straight forward, and differ little between its various versions. The following guide offers you an overview of the basic rules, and the differences between 90- and 75-ball bingo.

A typical 90-ball bingo card from 888 Ladies

90 ball 888 ladies bingo

The card above is your typical 90-ball bingo card, as used on 888 Ladies.

Each player receives one or more bingo cards at the beginning of a game. The bingo cards are offered randomly, but there are also preferred numbers that many players aim to get. Each card has a three-by-nine grid. There are five numbers per line, which gives a total of fifteen numbers on each card.

The bingo caller

  1. The bingo caller mixes up a bag containing 90 balls, numbered one to 90. These are then pulled from the bag one-by-one.
  2. Each time a ball is pulled, the caller calls out its number. Some online bingo sites don’t use live callers. In such cases, the draws are usually automated using certified random number generators (RNG).
  3. As the balls are called, you check your card. If the number appears, you mark it on your card.

In some cases, players have lucky charms they use to mark the numbers. However, in online bingo, the numbers are simply crossed off if and when they’re called.

A typical 75-ball bingo card from 888 Ladies

75 ball bingo card

The general rules in 75-ball bingo are similar to 90-ball bingo, but differ slightly. As well as using 75 balls, the card consists of a five-by-five grid containing numbers between one and 75. Most players generally prefer one or the other format. Although in online bingo, the most popularformat remains the 90-ball version.

Winning at 90-ball bingo

A game of bingo is usually played in three steps:

  1. Mark off the numbers on one line on your bingo card. The aim is to call out first as soon as you get one line.
  2. The same as the first step, but involving a the second line. Again, the player must shout out to notify the room. If there are any ties between players, then the bingo caller must verify who was first to complete their lines.
  3. Once the full card is complete, the winning player gets the enviable right to shout out “BINGO!”

The difference between bingo and lotto

There are many similarities between bingo and lotto. These similarities are:

  • Numbers are based on randomly selected numbers.
  • Numbers are drawn randomly one after another.

The differences are that in the game of lotto, players select the numbers they want to play. In bingo, the cards and the numbers are not chosen by the player. Cards are purchased with existing numbers written on them. The players then select the numbers as they appear, or are called out by the bingo caller.

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