Kent County seniors operated underground betting ring

The Kent County Sheriff's Office has charged two elderly men with running an underground gambling ring. The duo includes Mark Irwin Stouten (73), and Barry Bartlett (66), who conducted their business at West Side Putt-Putt's Bar in Grand Rapids (Michigan).

Illegal betting at bar

Sports bettingAuthorities claim that Stouten and Bartlett accepted bets without the required licenses. Undercover agents visited West Side Putt-Putt's Bar, and witnessed how customers placed real money bets on sporting events. One of the suspects accepted an illegal bet from one of the police officers.

Third suspect at large

Investigators with the Kent County Sheriff's Office raided the Grand Rapids-located establishment a couple of months ago. Stouten and Bartlett have been charged based on the police investigation. A third suspect is still on the run, while the other two men are due before the judge on September 3 for their first court appearance.
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