Gambling IT manager cheated his bosses out of £19 million

38-year-old Jonathan Revill is heading to prison after he cheated his bosses out of almost £19 million. Revill was employed as an IT manager at an energy company located in Leeds. The father-of-one revealed he would easily bet £300,000 on a single sporting event.

Secret betting problem

Sports bettingRevill has been sentenced to seven years in prison. The West Yorkshire resident was arrested and subsequently lost £20,000 while betting online. Revill managed to keep his gambling habit a secret for his spouse and daughter. They discovered his betting problem when he was detained and they found out they had to move out of their £500,000 house.

Private deliveries

The 38-year-old worked at GDF Suez Energy in Leeds, which is a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ. According to court records, Revill forged documents to order computer paraphernalia worth almost £19 million over a period of 36 months. He had the equipment delivered to his house, after which he sold it online. Revill used the ‘profit’ to finance his online sports betting habit.

High-value bets

British media report that the father-of-one wagered on multiple sporting fixtures, including tennis, football and baseball. Revill placed huge bets on matches at Roland Garros, in addition to high-value bets up to £13,000 on England´s fixture with Brazil. He continued to place bets regardless of the results, which clearly demonstrates his betting problem.
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