Celebrities with a gambling problem: Pete Rose

It didn’t come as a big surprise when baseball legend Pete Rose revealed he bet on baseball. The fact that he had denied his baseball betting for almost 15 years damaged his reputation even more. During his days as a manager of the Cincinnati Reds, Rose bet on his own team every night.

Betting rumors

Pete RoseRose had a bad reputation for gambling, and he was often spotted while betting on horse races. In February 1989, it was rumored that Rose had placed bets on baseball games. Shortly after those rumors emerged, the Commissioner of Baseball confirmed that they were investigating the betting allegations. The former baseball star allegedly bet on basketball, football, hockey and baseball games.

Long awaited confession

The investigation clearly proved his betting activities, after which the Commissioner of Baseball imposed a lifetime ban on Rose. In 2004, Rose published his book My Prison Without Bars, in which he finally admitted that he had placed bets on baseball games. Rose’s sports betting habit had spiraled out of control as he would easily place up to ten bets a day.
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