Celebrities with a gambling problem: Kramer

‘The Diplomat's Club’ is the Seinfeld episode that features a betting element. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Kramer turns out to be former gambling addict. While waiting on the airport, Kramer gets involved in a strange game of betting.

Aircraft betting

Kramer bettingAfter three years without gambling, Kramer can’t resist the temptation and starts betting on arrival times. The hilarious scene takes place at the airport’s Diplomat's Club where the K-man encounters an affluent man from Texas. As you might have expected, things get out of control and his gambling addiction becomes apparent.

Newman as savior

Kramer turns out to be an unfortunate gambler as he keeps on losing. His losing bets result in a massive debt with the wealthy Texan, Earl Haffler. Kramer decides to ask Newman for help, and the frenetic mailman delivers a mail bag that serves as collateral.

Ultimate bet

The aircraft betting continues, and for a moment it seems that lady luck is on Kramer’s side. Haffler discovers that Jerry had an influence on the outcome of the double or nothing bet, after which he tears up the check for Kramer’s win.
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