Celebrities with a gambling problem: Ashton Kutcher

Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher caused something of a stir, when he made a rather surprising claim. In early last year, Kutcher unveiled his involvement in an extensive sports betting syndicate.

Complex sports betting ring

Ashton KutcherThe former That '70s Show actor claimed he was the front for an illicit gambling organization that operated across the US. He confessed to his role in an interview with Esquire, in which he demonstrated his knowledge of the complexity of such a sportsbook syndicate.

Front for criminal organization

Kutcher also confirmed that the syndicate in question used him as a front for the illegal activities. “The idea was that people would think that I was a foolish, rich actor who loves football”, Kutcher said. The sports betting ring focused on college football and raked in nearly $750,000 a month.

Messenger betting

Additionally, it was rumored that the underground gambling ring paid Kutcher to place wagers. Such practice is known as ‘messenger betting’, which is prohibited in Nevada. He could be sentenced if authorities would prove that the syndicate paid him for his betting services. To date, authorities haven’t launched an investigation into Kutcher’s alleged role in the operation.
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