Betting addict lawyer jailed for 14 months

Stewart Costello is a big sports betting fan, but things spiraled out of control. He lost more than £20,000 in betting over a period of six months. The 32-year-old lawyer started stealing from clients to finance his gambling problem, and he now faces a 14-month jail term.

Sleeping at work

Sports bettingThe Taunton solicitor embezzled £14,000 from two clients to fund his betting addiction. His co-workers became worried as Costello looked a mess and even spent the nights in the office. The firm launched an investigation, which unveiled Costello’s embezzlement. He had asked two clients to transfer money to his private account.

24/7 betting

His betting losses exceeded the amount of £20,000, the Taunton lawyer stated in court. “Betting dominated my life, and I just couldn’t stop placing bets”, Costello noted. He gambled almost non-stop, and even Gamblers Anonymous sessions were in vain. Costello feels enormous remorse over his actions.
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