Secret poker room in Norwalk office building

PokerMore than 30 suspects are facing charges, after Norwalk Police unveiled a secret poker room at an office building. Agents found 25 punters playing poker at the four gambling tables inside the office block. Norwalk Police arrested all gamblers, in addition to seven suspects who operated the business.

Surprising discovery

People were surprised when they heard about the hidden poker club inside the office building. Police believe the underground gambling had been going on for about seven years. “It’s surprising that the poker room had been in business for so long without being noticed,” commented a man who works in the building.

No weapons, nor drugs

An undercover agent managed to gain access to the illegal casino. He was stunned by the money that was being wagered inside the poker club. Norwalk Police believe that poker players wagered up to $400,000 a month. Most gamblers were Westchester County residents. Police agents didn’t find any firearms or drugs inside the underground casino, which was called ‘Royal Poker Room’.
0 #1 Bill 2013-09-13 01:34
$400,000? What a joke. That is why the police recovered less than $3000 during the raid. They will lose more on the law suit for the wrongful death of one of the players. Tax payers in Norwalk will be paying for that.
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