Notorious poker scammer running out of luck

Archie KarasWe present you Archie Karas, who is known for cheating at gambling tables. The 62-year-old has been arrested at a Lakeside-based gambling parlor where he attempted to mark blackjack cards. Karas has been accused of cheating, in addition to burgling, and the sentencing trial will take place today.

Three years behind bars

Casino security cameras were able to record how the Las Vegas native marked the cards. Karas took home $8,000 in cash thanks to the scam at the Barona Casino. Police officers detained the 62-year-old scammer at his apartment, after which he was taken to the Clark County Detention Center. Karas could be sentenced to a maximum jail term of three years.


The poker scammer became famous thanks to his winning odyssey back in the nineties. Actually, Karas holds the record for the biggest gambling scam ever. He managed to win $40 million with a $50 stake over a period spanning three years. However, Karas blew all his winnings on gambling.
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