Hotel manager stole money from poker machines

Under New Zealand law, all businesses that offer gambling machines are obliged to bank proceeds. However, Michael Anthony McGurk used $35,000 in pokie money to pay hotel costs. The hotel manager has been found guilty of theft, which was unveiled during a routine audit. 54-year-old McGurk was convicted of theft in the Auckland District Court.

Community gambling

Video poker slotPoker machine revenues are considered as community funds as they are operated by charitable foundations, read a statement made by the prosecution. Businesses that offer the gambling machines or companies that own them only hold the money. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for March.

Player information display

Poker machines are extremely popular across New Zealand and you can find ‘pokies’ in many hotels and bars. All poker machines feature a so-called ‘player information display’, which provides players with gambling information. There are only six casinos in New Zealand, all of which offer poker machines. Skycity Casino Auckland is the largest casino in New Zealand.
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