Celebrities with a gambling problem: Michael Phelps

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps has developed a serious gambling problem, according to his friends. Phelps has a strong passion for poker, but sources close to the swimmer claim he spends millions of dollars at gambling tables.

Poker dream

Michael Phelps pokerThe US swimmer is an experienced poker player, but things have spiraled out of control. “Michael is obsessed by gambling. His competitive attitude has contributed to his swimming success, but at the poker table it can result in huge losses”, a source noted. It’s not a public secret that Phelps dreams about a poker career.

High-stakes poker games

Friends claim that he has gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars at poker tables. In 2012, Phelps ended his swimming career, which sparked rumors about a poker career. He discovered his passion for poker online, and first he played $1 and $2 games. Phelps soon started playing high-stakes poker games, which has become a weekly habit.

Passion for poker

“I’m a big poker fan, and I find it really exciting to play poker. It gives me the opportunity to free my mind. I like to play poker because it’s relaxing and entertaining”, Phelps once said. He claims to have met several good friends at poker events. Phelps shares a house with Jeff Gross, who plays poker professionally.
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