Lucky Australian housewife

A 43-year-old Australian woman has experienced a rather lucrative surprise. The Melbourne based housewife took home €53.261 at an online casino. She was surprised because she assumed that she was playing for free. Lisa adores free games and by mistake she accessed her husbands real money account. This lucky mistake at the Casino website turned out rather fortunately.

Lucky Australian housewife

The Australian mother of two kinds collected her initial €661 after 20 minutes. She kept on playing for another 40 minutes under the impression that she was playing a free game.

Online casinointernet gambling

Suddenly the online casino indicated that she had won €53.261. This made her aware of the fact that she wasn’t playing for free. After becoming aware of her astonishing win, she immediately called her husband. He was obviously pleased with the news. After the first impact of the news, he was able to forgive her. After which they celebrated the lucrative mistake.

Online casino rules

It remains unclear if Lisa infringed the casino rules by using her husbands account. It seems that Casino already transferred the money. The online casino surely profits from the extensive free publicity due to the remarkable story.

Lucrative surprise

“I certainly won’t give up my job as a mother because this is what I really love to do. However, the extra money makes our life a bit easier,” Lisa commented.
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