Canada set to legalize overseas online casinos

The number of Canadian provinces that appear to run online casinos through their respective lotteries increases. Some Canadians believe that their country should legalize online casino’s from abroad. These internet casino’s are run by foreign companies and used by Canadians.

Online casino

Internet gambling is just a pastime like listening to music or going to a theater. Nevertheless, online gambling requires regulation in order to protect gamblers from fraud and scams.

Online gambling

John Fitzgerald is president of Canada’s Interactive Gaming Council. He believes that legalizing online gambling would result in improved regulation and other benefits.

New revenue streamscanada

Fitzgerald stated at the Canadian Gaming Summit: “It would result in extra jobs and it would boost innovation through technology. Additionally, it may lead to new revenue streams.”

Legalization and regulation

Advocates and gaming experts believe that legalization and regulation would increase control over minors and problem gambling. Requirements with relation to credit card deposits could stop underage gambling. Sharing information on problem gambling prevents that those players move to other online casinos.

Legalize online casinos

The Canadian provinces that are willing to legalize online casinos have so far failed to increase consumer safety. They have mainly focused on creating online gambling monopolies. This allows them to reserve the revenue for their own projects.
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