Winning lotto player turns out to be good Samaritan

Meet Tom Crist, who took home $40 million in cash courtesy of a winning lotto ticket. However, the Calgary resident will give away the entire fortune to several good causes. That’s what we call a wonderful Christmas spirit.

Unexpected lotto bonanza

Tom Crist lotto jackpot“I didn’t even remember which lotto game I had played, neither what numbers I had selected,” the Canadian jackpot winner stated. Crist was enjoying a golfing holiday when a lottery official called him. The Canadian pensioner never thought he would win a jackpot of this magnitude. Actually, it’s the largest cash prize ever in Calgary history.

Main charity

Crist plans to donate the bulk of the lotto windfall to cancer charities after his spouse died from cancer last year. “She was a strong woman but she passed away after a six year fight against cancer,” Crist told reporters. “When I heard about the $40 million lotto jackpot I knew right way what I wanted to do with the money,” he added.

Attention averse

Crist is in the happy position to give away the lotto cash after a successful career at a Calgary-based company. He wanted to keep the jackpot win a secret and just donate every dime to good causes. However, Canadian jackpot winners are obliged to take part in or co-operate with publicity. Crist wasn’t comfortable with being the center of media attention.
0 #1 George 2013-12-17 11:13
Now that's what I call a generous person. You go Tom!
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