Weekly ritual results in $10.4 million jackpot

John Pirie lotto jackpotMeet John Pirie, a Canadian truck driver who has become an instant millionaire thanks to a winning lotto ticket. The father of six bagged a $10.4 million jackpot, which is a nice reward for his weekly ritual. On his way to work, Pirie always verifies his lotto tickets at the same gasbar.

Extremely rewarding ticket

“I verified the tickets at a lotto terminal, and the first four didn’t award any prize. The last one however, turned out to be an extremely lucky one as it hit a multimillion jackpot”, the father of six commented.

Early retirement

Pirie was shocked and at the same time worried about informing his boss about the life-changing lotto prize. He didn’t drive to work that night, which is understandable after winning a jackpot of that magnitude. The Canadian truck driver said he has no immediate plans for the windfall, but an early retirement is definitely an interesting option.
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