Retirement hobby results in $5 million jackpot

Pat Clark jackpotBoredom in retirement is a big issue and gambling is a fun way to spend your days as a pensioner. Pat Clark can bear witness to that fact as he won $5 million in cash courtesy of a winning scratch card. He purchased the lucky ticket using winnings from another scratch card.

Poor eyesight without glasses

Clark buys lottery tickets as a way to add a fun twist to his retirement. Initially, the 60-year-old pensioner didn’t realize he had won the life-changing jackpot. “It’s hard to read the numbers without my glasses, and I had to check the ticket afterwards”, the lucky pensioner noted.

Family fortune

A spokesperson for the California Lottery confirmed that a local gas station sold the $5 million scratch card. The California Lottery will award the retailer a selling bonus check for $25,000. The shop worker was thrilled that the gas station had sold such a rewarding lottery ticket. Clark plans to hire a financial advisor and he intends to share the money with his family.
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