Powerball mystery solved: granny wins $590M jackpot

Gloria C. MacKenzieA 84-year-old granny has put an end to speculations over who had won the Powerball jackpot. It was the talk of the town, but a Zephyrhills resident has solved the mystery. Gloria C. MacKenzie has claimed the jackpot worth a whopping $590 million.

$270 million after taxes

84-year-old MacKenzie has chosen to receive the payment as one lump sum which after taxes comes to $270 million. Local media report that the pensioner lives in a small home in the town of Zephyrhills, Pasco County, Florida. Zephyrhills is also the name of the 100% natural spring water.

Kind customer

The fortunate grandmother purchased the ticket at a local convenience store. She would not have won the staggering prize if it had not been for a gentlemanly customer. He allowed her to take a place before him in line. MacKenzie’s jackpot is the second-biggest lottery prize. In March 2012, a $656 million Mega Millions jackpot set a new lottery record.
0 #1 Monica 2013-06-07 10:41
She can't even spend it all.... :-?
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