Polish player launches $89,712 rocket at Royal Panda

Royal Panda has celebrated another big winner. This time a Polish punter took home a whopping $89,712 in cash courtesy of the Wild Rockets video slot. One of her lucky spins rewarded her with a stunning $41,049 payout, read a statement from Royal Panda.

Staggering slot session

Wild RocketsThe winning streak at Royal Panda started with three scatter symbols that resulted in ten free spins. This is how Beata subsequently collected the rest of her winnings:
  • Her seventh spin resulted in twelve wild symbols, plus a $41,049 windfall
  • On ten free spins she landed a $45,802 payout
Beata saw her winnings increase to an amazing $89,712 in regular play on the popular video slot.

Plenty of luck at Royal Panda

The Polish player joins Royal Panda’s list of other recent big winners:
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