Melbourne woman waits 4 weeks to collect $1.4 million lotto jackpot

TattsLottoThe Tattslotto draw conducted on January 4 resulted in a $30 million jackpot. However, a woman from Northcote, Melbourne waited four weeks before collecting her $1.4 million portion. Luckily she found the lost ticket that rewarded her with the staggering cash prize.

Unexpected win

“Fortunately I discovered the ticket when I was reorganizing my bedroom,” the Northcote resident commented. “I never realized that I was holding the $1.4 million lotto ticket although I had noticed the announcement in the store about the winning entry.”

Plans for newfound wealth

She plans to use some of the funds to settle a few debts, while also providing her family with some financial support. “I will also treat myself to a nice vacation,” the Australian woman said. “Several special charities will also benefit from the lotto jackpot,” she added.
+1 #1 Jenna 2014-02-05 07:23
I'm just guessing that the discovery of her lottery win made it a little bit less frustrating to reorganize her bedroom :)
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