Man wins more than $7 million after friends funeral

Lord of the Rings slotA man that wanted to honour his deceased friend by gambling on slots after the funeral, won the jackpot of $7.2 million. He played a Lord of the Rings slot during a quick stop at Palace Casino Resort while driving home. The penny slot, a machine his friend loved playing, was good for millions.

Compelled to go visit a casino

After attending the funeral Tyler Morris felt he was compelled to stop at a local casino to try and play slots. He started playing the penny slot and had the feeling his friend was there watching over him the whole time, bringing him luck.

Penny’s worth millions

The penny’s Tyler Morris used, turned out to be good for millions of dollars. A maximum bet at the Lord of the Rings slots is just $3,50. The jackpot will be spent on the payment of the car, reparations of the house and as family savings. 
0 #2 Kinshasa Martin 2013-03-07 04:24
Its not fair at all. This guy is already rich...... :P
+2 #1 Danny 2013-02-21 10:55
Too bad that his friend can't use that money anymore..
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