Lucky presentiment results in $180 million lottery bonanza

A 53-year-old Riverside County resident discovered a strange pattern in his buying. It made Rick Knudsen decide to play the Mega Millions lottery. His presentiment didn’t let him down as Knudsen took home a $180 million jackpot.

Numbers guy gets lucky

Mega MillionsThe 53-year-old father of five noted he has a strange fascination with numbers. For that reason, Knudsen noticed something unusual in his buying pattern. He felt lady luck was on his side and he purchased a Mega Millions ticket. It shows that we should always go with our gut feeling.

Early retirement

When collecting the life-changing lottery prize, Knudsen revealed he had quit his job the day after winning the jackpot. The fortunate man from Calimesa, Riverside County used to work at a roofing distribution firm. Knudsen intends to buy a home in the mountains, where he will enjoy the good life.
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