Lottery winner not impressed by $500k jackpot

Virginia LotteryNothing beats the sensation of winning a staggering cash prize. Manassie Vaughan doesn’t agree as he reacted quite surprisingly after collecting half a million dollars in the lottery. Was the American businessman bluffing?

Unexpected response

Vaughan was clearly not impressed by the stunning windfall. “A $500,000 jackpot is not that much if you consider the amount of money I have raked in with my company in the last couple of years”, the lottery winner commented.  

Bluffing or successful

Vaughan’s reaction suggested that he’s a rather successful businessman, or maybe it was a fine example of bravura. Despite his nonchalant response, he couldn’t suppress a bit of happiness. The Virginia Lottery will award the Hampton-based retailer a selling bonus check for $10,000, in accordance with federal lottery laws in the US.
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