Lottery winner concerned about phoning hotline

Being money-conscious is a good thing, but Tracy Tyler sometimes exaggerates. Even when claiming a £5.8 million lotto win, she was concerned about the phone bill. Her partner Adam Young told her that he would pay the cost for calling the lottery office.

Time to enjoy life

Tracy and Adam have not touched their fortune yet. Despite winning a lottery jackpot of this magnitude, they are still worried about their debts as Young lost his job only a few months ago. However, the couple from Essex intends to splash out on a new car and a nice vacation. Young is excited about his new Range Rover after years of driving an old barrel.

Extremely cost-conscious

Tracy Tyler Adam Young“Camelot uses an 0845 number and honestly I was concerned about the cost of calling that number,” the cost-conscious woman commented. “Thankfully my partner offered me to foot the bill. I’m always aware of my spending.”

Tough economic times

Tracy and Adam have two children and the last couple of years haven’t been easy for them. “Paying the bills was even more difficult after Adam became unemployed. We have managed to survive, but things clearly deteriorated. One might say that we can really use the money,” Tyler added.
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