Lottery player hits second Cash 5 jackpot

Cash 5A Cash 5 gambler has won another jackpot, after winning the same amount back in 2003. Virginia Beach resident Arik Solomon bagged $100,000 in cash thanks to the Cash 5 game. All numbers on his lucky ticket lined up, rewarding him the second jackpot within nine years. Two weeks ago, reported about a British lottery winner who continued receiving welfare benefits.

Lucky gas station

Solomon revealed that he purchased the winning ticket at a Chesapeake-based gas station (Battlefield BP). That gas station seems to bring good luck as he purchased the previous winning ticket at the same location, though the gas station was branded differently.

1 in 278,25

The fortunate Cash 5 player commented that he had picked the ticket numbers based on family birthdays. Solomon has no idea how he will spend the second lottery winnings. The probability of winning the Cash 5 top jackpot is a pretty big long shot. Actually, the chances are 1 in 278,25, while the probability of winning the Cash 5 top jackpot again is much smaller.
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