Lottery official pleads guilty to fraud charges

A man from Norwalk (Iowa) could be sentenced to a prison sentence up to five years. Eddie Tipton is accused of fraud, which allowed him to scoop a $14 million lotto windfall. Prosecutors allege that Tipton rigged the computer system in December 2010, although he wasn’t able to claim the cash prize.

Dismissal rather than jackpot

Hot LottoThe 52-year-old Norwalk resident was employed as a security official at the Iowa Lottery office in Des Moines. He clearly misused his position to rig the Hot Lotto computer system. Police arrested Tipton a month after he ‘won’ the $14 million jackpot, which forced the Iowa Lottery to sack the security official.

Failed attempt

Tipton asked a friend from Texas to cash in the winning lottery ticket in order to conceal his identity. The person in question then brought in lawyers to claim the windfall, which failed as jackpot winners have to provide identification in order to receive the payout. Tipton has been found guilty of fraud, and the sentencing hearing is set for September 9.
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