Lottery lightning does strike twice

Scratch cardThey say some people are born lucky. This certainly applies to a man from the city of Spokane, Washington. The fortunate lottery player in question, who has opted to remain anonymous right now, has bagged a $200,000 cash prize. About 3.5 years ago, the Spokane resident cashed $50,000 thanks to another winning scratch ticket.

Free spending money

The lottery player purchased the second winning scratcher at a local supermarket. “The first scratch card prize enabled me to pay off some debts. I can spend this latest win just the way I like”, the Spokane man commented.

Possibly life-changing

The winner said he isn't sure what he will do with the jackpot, but he considers to buy a new home. Additionally, he plans to treat himself to a new car. "The second jackpot can add a positive boost to my life if I use it wisely”, the scratch card player added.
0 #1 Dana 2014-05-22 13:00
How great is that?! Winning the lottery twice in 3.5 years!
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