Incredible gambling wins: $40 million winning streak in Vegas

Archie Karas is definitely one of the world’s most legendary gamblers. He did what so many gambling enthusiasts dream of: winning big time in Las Vegas! Karas enjoyed a winning streak that netted him a stunning $50 million in cash.

Rewarding loan

Archie KarasBefore he visited Sin City, Karas had lost $2 million during a game of poker in Los Angeles. With only $50 in his pockets, the Greek American high-roller decided to try his luck in Las Vegas. It all started at the Binion’s Horseshoe casino, where one of his buddies lent him ten big ones. Karas turned that loan into a massive payout whilst playing poker.

Lucky bastard

The next three years, lady lucky remained on his side. The legendary gambler collected $40 million in winnings between 1992 and 1995. One of his biggest payouts came from playing seven-card stud against the world’s leading poker players. Eventually, Karas’ luck came to an end and he blew it all. Less than a month later however, the high-stakes gambler turned a $40,000 loan into a $1 million payout. Karas seems to born for good luck, given all his winning streaks.
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