Gag gift results in $1 million lottery jackpot

Nobody like to turn fifty, but it’s not that bad if you receive a $1 million birthday present. That’s exactly what happened to John Spotswood on his 50th birthday. The Oswego resident became an instant millionaire thanks to his sister.

Cheesecake and lottery tickets

Scratch-off ticketInitially, Spotswood considered the lottery ticket as a playful item. “I thought it was a gag gift or something like that”, the 50-year-old commented. Besides the three scratch-off ticket, his sister also gave him a cheesecake. He enjoyed the cake and decided to check the tickets the next day.

Fake lottery ticket

The first lottery ticket resulted in a $25 cash prize, which was a pretty good start. Spotswood was shocked when he learned that the second one rewarded him with $1 million in winnings. However, he wasn’t convinced and thought it was a fake lottery ticket. He became fully convinced after visiting a nearby lottery office.

Breakfast as a reward

Spotswood opted to take the prize in a lump sum, which after taxes came to $555,912. He isn’t planning to quit his job despite winning the staggering cash prize. Spotswood will use the money to enjoy a nice holiday next year, while he has treated his sister to a breakfast.
0 #1 Beth 2014-03-26 15:23
Well, isn't that a great gift for his 50th birthday!
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