Former bus driver picks up $7 million passenger

Following your instinct is the best thing to do in some situations. Frederick McClendon can bear witness to that fact after instinctively buying a Cash4Life ticket. It resulted in a $7 million jackpot for the ex-bus driver.

Rewarding impulse purchase

Frederick McClendonMcClendon noted he normally buys Powerball or Mega Millions tickets, but on November 24 he followed his instinct. The retired bus driver purchased a Cash4Life ticket at a liquor store based in Brooklyn, where he tends to buy lottery tickets on a regular basis.

Hard to believe

A couple of days after the impulse purchase, the owner of the store noticed that one of his customers had won a staggering jackpot. That prompted McClendon to verify his tickets. At first, nobody wanted to believe he had won $7 million on the lottery. They thought he was joking around.

Family support

The former bus driver chose to take the fast lane and receive his winnings in one lump sum, which turned out to be $4.3 million after required withholdings. McClendon will provide his family with financial support, while he also plans to support his children’s education. Last year, 160 New York residents took home a lottery jackpot of $1 million or more.
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