Florida scratch-off ticket rewards $1 million jackpot

Buying lottery tickets can be quite rewarding, with the same applying for Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets. Martin Gutfreund and Mary Ruth will certainly confirm this after cashing $1 million thanks to a winning scratch-off ticket. This staggering windfall adds a generous twist to their retirement.

Fourth time lucky

Florida LotteryMary Ruth decided to spend $50 on two Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets earlier this month. One of them rewarded a seven-figure jackpot. Mary Ruth likes to buy scratch-off tickets after winning three modest cash prizes, including a $100 windfall, in the past.

Time for a new car

The lucky couple has opted to take the prize in a lump sum rather than a annual payout of $40,000 over a period of 25 years. After taxes, they will take home $575,000. The Gutfreunds say they have no immediate plans for the windfall, but they hope it will change their lives for the better. Martin added they would replace their old car for a new Chrysler.

First Mega Millions winner

Additionally, one fortunate Mega Millions player in Florida has won a life-changing jackpot. The winner bought the lucky ticket in Sarasota. It’s the first time that a Florida resident lands a Mega Millions jackpot. The winner has yet to come forward.
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