Ex-con claims $265 million lottery jackpot

Every cloud has a silver lining, which definitely applies to Jesus Davila Jr. The 70-year-old Naperville resident spent eleven years behind bars, but has now become a multimillionaire. Davila bagged a $265 million cash prize thanks to a winning Quick Pick lottery ticket.

Lawn mower instead of extravagance

Jesus Davila lottery jackpotDavila purchased the lucky entry at a Glendale Heights-based convenience store last month. He plans to donate some money to good causes, while his family will also benefit from the staggering lottery windfall. While most jackpot winners splash out on new cars, luxury holidays, or a new house, Davila plans to buy a lawn mower.

$178 million lump sum

In 1994, the 70-year-old lottery winner was ordered to a 25-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including drug-related charges. Davila decided to take the cash value of the annuity prize and will receive a one-time payment of $178 million. The Illinois Lottery will award the retailer a selling bonus check for $500,000.
0 #1 Anna 2015-02-26 07:23
I can only dream of winning such a prize... ;-)
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