Douglas County resident scoops $1 million slot prize

Bill Paxson was spinning the reels of a Wheel of Fortune slot when he landed a life-changing jackpot. The 69-year-old gambler left the Casino Fandango with a whopping $1,037,644.93 in his pockets. It’s the largest payout in the history of the Carson City-based gambling venue.

Almost a millionaire

Bill Paxson jackpotBill Paxson cashed out after winning a staggering $1,037,644.93 from an original wager of $20 on the Wheel of Fortune slot. The Douglas County resident stated that he could not believe it and was still in shock given the large size of the payout. Paxson was close to becoming a millionaire, but after paying taxes the prize will be far less than one million dollar.

Emotional thought

When asked what he plans to do with the seven-figure slot jackpot Paxson revealed that he will use the money to pay off the mortgage. This means he will soon own the house, a scenario that he found to be emotion provoking. But first he will take some time to process the life-changing event at the Casino Fandango.
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