Canadian casino refuses to pay out second jackpot

Peter Cummins jackpot disputeWho wouldn't want to win two jackpots, one after the other. That’s exactly what Peter Cummins did at Casino by Vanshaw located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. However, the Canadian gambling parlor claim that a video lottery terminal can’t spill out two large jackpots, one after the other.


Casino by Vanshaw paid out the first $10,000 bonanza, but refused to award the other one. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is responsible for administering the video lottery terminals. For that reason, Cummins has decided to take the case to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Jackpot procedure

Kevin VanDerKooy, speaking on behalf of the casino, noted that video lottery terminals freeze after a player hits a staggering windfall. That procedure enables casino staff to verify the jackpot, and to reset the terminal. VanDerKooy revealed that there’s no reason to believe that the machine spilled out two large prizes one after the other.
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