Brisbane resident takes home $40 million Powerball jackpot

PowerballHow about a $40 million lottery windfall as the start of your weekend? A man from Brisbane, Queensland will definitely remember this weekend. The fortunate Australian has won $40 million in cash courtesy of a winning Powerball ticket. That’s what we call a ‘happy weekend’.

Stunned silence

The lucky winner in question, a Brisbane resident in his thirties, was speechless when he heard the news. “That’s cool”, he said after a moment of silence. The Powerball player, who declined to be identified, said he has no immediate plans for the windfall, but hopes it will change his life for the better. The Australian added that he and his wife would use the money to support the ones they love.

Second big winner in Queensland

He has become the second Queensland resident to win a complete Powerball prize in 2014. Two months ago, an Innisfail resident took home a $6 million Powerball jackpot. The numbers drawn yesterday were 36, 38, 21, 39, 29 and 22, in addition to Powerball number 12. Those jackpots show how rewarding it can be to buy Powerball tickets.
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