£1m lottery jackpot thanks to stolen ticket

The Singapore Sweep lottery paid out a £1 million prize, but Philippine Police smelled a rat. The Filipino woman who came forward reportedly stole the winning lottery ticket. Investigators have already interrogated the 44-year-old suspect several times.

New house in the Philippines

Police refused to unveil the identity of the woman, who is employed as an au pair in Singapore. The 44-year-old lottery winner declared that she had transferred the jackpot cash to her bank account, after which her children received an unidentified amount. She intends to use a large chunk of the lottery money to construct a home in the Philippines.

Supported by host family

Singapore Sweep lotteryThe Philippine woman isn’t planning to quit her job. “My employer has always treated me well, and we have become really close”, the woman noted. A spokesperson for the family confirmed that they support their maid, who is considered a sincere and pleasant woman.

No footage of the purchase

Police launched an investigation after an unidentified person had informed them about the stolen lottery ticket. The 44-year-old woman purchased the ticket at a retailer that is equipped with a CCTV system, but the tape in question has been deleted. A spokesperson for the police stated that they were still investigating the case.
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