$100 in lottery tickets instead of $500,000 prize

There’s nothing more disappointing than missing out on a staggering cash prize. That’s exactly what happened to John Wines. The pensioner was excited after one of his scratch cards had hit a $500,000 prize. However, the New Mexico Lottery claimed it was a misprint, leaving Wines with a huge hangover.

Lip service

Scratch cardThe Roswell resident had purchased several $20 tickets, with two of them hitting each $250,000 in cash. A spokesperson for the New Mexico Lottery told the pensioner a printing error had caused the mix-up. The New Mexico Lottery tried to ease the pain by offering Wines lottery tickets worth $100.

Disappointing reaction

“My life has never been easy, but cheating someone never even entered my mind. During my working time, if I did something wrong, I had to live with the consequences but the New Mexico Lottery fails to take responsibility for their mistake”, Wines commented. The retired air-con technician added he won’t take legal action against the lottery.
0 #1 Anna 2015-01-08 07:14
That must have been very disappointing for him, since he thought he'd won a major prize.
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