Three-year-old Kiwi scoops $1 million payout

It goes without saying that minors aren’t allowed to gamble, but that didn’t stop a three-year-old from landing a $1 million jackpot. His parents created a Bonus Bonds account for their newborn baby, which turned out to be a good decision. Their

Aussie attains millionaire status thanks to keno ticket

A gambling enthusiast from Hervey Bay (Queensland, Australia) has become an instant millionaire thanks to a lucky keno ticket. Meet Merv Horne, who scooped a stunning $3 million jackpot. The 62-year-old construction worker has been playing the

British gambler collects £34 million lottery windfall

The owner of a winning EuroMillions ticket has claimed his or her £34 million jackpot, according to the National Lottery. Rumors have emerged that the fortunate punter lives in North West England, most likely in Liverpool. Some speculators claim

Blackjack player scoops $483K payout

Women like shopping, men don’t. Harris Cohen definitely agrees as he prefers to enjoy his favorite casino games rather than strolling through a shopping mall. The Philadelphia resident decided to play blackjack whilst his spouse visited the King

Lord of the Rings slot spills out $1.1 million in cash

Gamblers love to collect cool payouts, but nothing beats the sensation of winning a multimillion jackpot. A slot player from Savoy (Illinois) certainly found out when he crammed his wallet with a stunning $1.1 million cash prize. The lucky gambling

$4 million in winnings after $2 lottery investment

Some investments can be classified as ‘life-changing’, such as a $4 million return from a $2 investment. Stephen Jones Jr. is one of those fortunate investors. He purchased a $2 Mega Millions ticket that hit a stunning jackpot worth a whopping

Casino player hits $99k progressive jackpot

Gamblers love to spin the reels of progressive slots, which are tied to life-changing cash prizes. The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority for example, offers the so-called Rider Pride Jackpot. One fortunate player benefitted from that gratifying

$9.4 million jackpot winner shows good work ethic

Most multimillion jackpot winners can’t wait to collect their fortune, while others prefer to finish their job duties first. Eric Tackett definitely belongs to the latter group as the truck driver dropped off his load before claiming his $9.4

Canadian gambler lands $207k lottery jackpot

A Canadian gambler has no cause for Mondayitis after scooping a $207,000 bonanza in last weekend’s Chase the Ace draw. Meet Mitchell Titterton from the province of Manitoba. He says he doesn't yet know how he'll spend his winnings. One thing’s

$30,000 scratch card fortune after stop at gas station

Some impulse purchases turn out extremely well as Maureen Maher certainly found out when she pocketed a $30,000 bonanza. Together with her partner she was heading to a birthday party, when the East Haven (Connecticut) couple stopped at a gas

Australian woman cashes $1.7 million thanks to winning keno ticket

The Australian city of Blacktown (New South Wales) has welcomed a new millionaire after a local took home a dazzling $1.7 million jackpot. It was the first time she bought a Keno ticket, according to a spokesperson for Tabcorp. The fortunate player

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