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Bingo has always been really popular, both in casinos and online. Almost needless to say that there are many different variants, which are all based on the classic version. The first player who marks off all the numbers on his or her card becomes the winner.

Beano instead of bingo

Experts believe that bingo is derived from a lottery game named ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia’. Rich Frenchmen adopted that version, and named it ‘Le Lotto’, while that same variant was played by German school children. The game was called ‘beano’ when it made its debut in the US. Edwin S. Lowe however, a toy merchant from New York, decided to change the name to ‘bingo’ after he heard a player unintentionally yelling ‘bingo’ rather than ‘beano’.

Popular in the UK

BingoBritons have an increased fondness for bingo, and the popularity of the game continues to grow. For that reason, British players can choose from nearly 400 brick and mortar bingo halls. Online bingo has become a frequently played game among online gamblers, which has resulted in a huge number of internet bingo portals. Additionally, most online casinos also offer at least one bingo version.

Frequently played online

You may ask yourself: what are the most popular online bingo games? Here are some popular types of bingo:
  • Bingo U-Pick ‘Em
  • Bingo bonanza
  • Horse race bingo
  • Facebook bingo
  • Death bingo
  • Electronic bingo
  • 90-ball bingo
  • Mini bingo
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