Problem gambler who stole $9 million at work faces prison

53-year-old Larry Dean Winckler developed a gambling problem and started stealing money from his bosses. Winckler worked as a chief operating officer at a gas drilling company based in Indiana, Pennsylvania. After pleading guilty to several counts of fraud and theft, he faces up to six years in jail.


Falcon DrillingWinckler committed the fraud in cooperation with the firm’s controller over a period of twelve years. The duo created bills for fake purchases and transferred the funds to private bank accounts. Winckler used most of the money to feed his gambling addiction. The 53-year-old man visited gambling parlors in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania on a regular basis.


The former Falcon Drilling chief operating officer has to pay every penny back of the $9 million he stole. In the meanwhile, Winckler has already paid back $10,348. Additionally, authorities  have confiscated multiple assets, including several pendants and a Rockton-based property. Winckler is scheduled to be sentenced in late May.
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