Prison sentence for Northern Irishman problem gambler

A man from Castledawson (Northern Ireland) is set to spend 20 months behind bars thanks to his gambling addiction. Cormac McGuckin became desperate after his debts had mounted up as a result of his gambling obsession. The 29-year-old Northern Irishman stole money from a pensioner, totaling up to nearly £17,000.

£10,000 overdraft

Cormac McGuckinMcGuckin was found guilty of theft and fraud. The gambling addict managed to convince a pensioner to give him blank checks. McGuckin used those checks to transfer money to his private account. The fraud was discovered when the pensioner’s account was overdrawn for more than £10,000.

Desperate due to huge debts

The Northern Irishman came clean during police interviews. Besides gambling debts, McGuckin had also wedding debts, which was another motive for the crime. The 29-year-old problem gambler even impersonated a police official in an attempt to defraud a wedding shop. The judge also ordered McGuckin to complete an addiction treatment program.
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