Online gambling legislation for six casinos in New Jersey

After five days of testing, the State Division of Gaming Enforcement has authorized six of seven casinos to offer online gambling in New Jersey. Alongside Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey is the third American state to permit the first casinos to offer online gambling.

Cards and coins on keyboardTrial period

The state division permitted seven casinos to conduct a short trial of their online casinos, offered to selected guests. State gaming officials were stunned by the fact that over 10,000 guests accepted the offer to try out the new online casinos. The selected guests didn’t only include people from within the state of New Jersey.

The state sent a few people outside of the state to try to place bets, in order to test if its technology would successfully prevent customers from outside of New Jersey from placing bets. And it did, as none of those people were able to gamble.

Spreading across the US

Now that New Jersey has joined Nevada and Delaware in offering online gambling, other states are eager to follow suit. At present, there are eight other American states that have legislation pending. New Jersey is seen as the first true test case, because it’s the first state that allows casinos to offer the full range of casino games, such as roulette and blackjack.

Furthermore, other states are able to gauge if the rise of online casinos will have an adverse effect on the number of customers at land-based casinos. It’s very likely that the other states will follow New Jersey’s lead, as soon as the legislation in New Jersey proves to be a success.

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