Online gambling addiction led to embezzlement at work

A former Stoke-on-Trent College employee is heading to prison after he stole £70,000 from his bosses. James Murphy became addicted to internet gambling, after which he turned to fraud. The 25-year-old used the college bank card to purchase multiple items. He sold those products on the internet, and he used the proceeds to enjoy online gambling sessions.

Fraud at work discovered

Online gamblingThe father-of-two lost his job after the embezzlement was discovered. Murphy bought computers, mobile phones, and other items between June 2013 and October 2014. The gambling addict purchased most products at Argos stores. Staffordshire Police arrested the 25-year-old fraudster who confessed he had an out-of-control gambling habit.

Gambling addiction to blame

According to court documents, Murphy had tried to overcome his online gambling addiction, but without any success. The Bentilee resident felt relieved after the fraud had come to light as it enabled him to come clean. Murphy underlined that the embezzlement was entirely the result of his gambling addiction.
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