Nun with gambling problem accused of theft

Mary Anne RappSister Mary Anne Rapp has been accused of using church money to feed her gambling addiction. The New York nun allegedly took $128,000 from 2 churches where she worked. According to court records, Mary Anne Rapp stole the money from the St. Mary and St. Mark churches. In August, we reported about a gambling-addicted manager who stole $300,000 at work.

Gambling-addicted nun

“Mary Anne Rapp is a long-serving nun with a heart of gold. She has always been an exemplary citizen who dedicated her life completely to God,” according to her lawyer. The theft was discovered after a routine check by a new priest at the two churches.  She stole the money over a period of 4 years. Sources revealed that Mary Anne Rapp used the stolen money to gamble at casinos.

Impact of theft

The New York nun was suspended in early 2011, and resigned a few months later. Approximately 600 families visit the two churches where Mary Anne Rapp used to work. It remains unclear how the incident has affected both churches. It’s likely that a theft of this magnitude will have a massive impact on the financial situation of the two linked parishes.
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A nun?!?!
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