New Jersey Senate accepts online gambling bill

New Jersey can be the first American state to regulate the online gambling industry. With this bill, New Jersey will become a very important place to be for the online gambling industry, because it is very likely that this new legal system in New Jersey, if successful, even can be adopted by other states. This will have major implications for the online casino industry and affiliate marketers because the law is constructed so that s New Jersey-based companies are given preferential treatment compared to foreign or non-New Jersey companies.

New gambling brands

This does not mean that online gambling industry will generate less revenue, but it may well mean that completely new brands have to be promoted. It is also possible that, with the regulation of the online gambling industry in the state, the New Jersey government is planning on implementing a new tax regime for the industry.

Decent and reliable software

The bill states that the online gambling industry must be directed and controlled by ‘decent and reliable software. This to make sure that only the citizens of New Jersey or foreigners can use the service of a certain site,’ thus said Ray Lesniak, the New Jersey Senator, to
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