Indian gamblers assault police officers

There’s nothing more annoying than being interrupted whilst playing your favorite game. Various men were gambling at a construction site in New Delhi when two coppers arrived. Things got out of hand, and two gamblers assaulted the police duo.

Rescued by residents

Public gambling IndiaBesides gambling, the men were also drinking alcohol. The police officers asked the punters to leave, after which two of them became violent. They started throwing stones, and several residents arrived at the scene to help the coppers. Additionally, a group of other police men came to assist their colleagues.

Drunk and aggressive

The gambling men all live in the Dwarka district of New Delhi. They had enjoyed a dinner, followed by some alcoholic beverages. They got drunk and started gambling at the construction site. Due to their drunken behavior, two of them became aggressive. It remains unclear what kind of game they were playing, although some type of card game seems obvious.
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