Illegal one-armed bandits seized at Miami-based supermarket

A gambling bust in Miami has resulted in the seizure of seven illegal one-armed bandits seized from La Bodeguita Supermarket. At first, shop owner Magdiel Martinez declared there was nothing in one specific room. After opening a trapdoor, the police discovered seven gambling police

Illegal gaming machines

Alfredo Alvarez, speaking on behalf of the Miami Police, stated that the gaming machines are even prohibited at legal gambling parlors. “The owner knew that it isn’t allowed to operate gaming machines. We seek to ban illegal gambling, and people like Martinez use slot machines to gain extra money,” Alvarez commented.

Sophisticated illegal gambling

Police officials also came across tickets that showed cash prizes up to $10,000. The illegal gambling machines may have resulted in a weekly profit of more than $20,000. “It is amazing how sophisticated they had structured the illegal gambling operation,” the police noted.
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